Dr. Holmes provides the latest advancements in dental technology to improve patient comfort, patient understanding of treatment options, and to achieve optimal treatment results.
  • The Wand™ Anesthesia Delivery System
    This revolutionary pen-like instrument numbs without a syringe, affording you a comfortable beginning to dental procedures, and restoring normal feeling in less time than old-fashioned injections.
  • Digital Radiography and Photography
    Dexis is the leader in digital radiography and has been rated by Reality™ research as the most comfortable sensor on the market. It delivers an average of 70% less radiation than conventional X-ray technology.

    Digital radiography is changing the practice of dentistry today. This technology offers many advantages compared with conventional radiographic techniques. These advantages include faster imaging times, elimination of conventional dental film/chemicals and processing equipment, reduced radiation exposure, the ability to enhance images, and digitization of images for storage and electronic transfer.

    First, the level of radiation to the patient is greatly reduced. Second, the quality of the image can be enhanced by changing the brightness, contrast, and density. This can give a more easily readable image for detecting early decay and other abnormalities.

    Most significant is the ability to enlarge the X-ray to fill a 17-inch monitor, so you, the patient, can see what we have been looking at in years past on those tiny one-inch by two-inch films. We can show areas of incipient (early) decay with the hope that with flossing and the use of home fluoride rinses you can prevent a cavity requiring restoration. There is evidence to show that these early defects can actually re-calcify and never need a filling.

    Preventing decay means preventing the sequence of replacing old leaking fillings with larger fillings in years to come that may eventually need crowns or even root canal therapy. It means realizing a life-time of benefits. Digital radiographs are just one more modality we have purchased to provide you with optimum health.
  • Nitrous Oxide
    Also known as "laughing gas," this relaxation method reduces anxiety during treatment.
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